• Entertainment technology has changed for ever the way we enjoy storytelling while gaming industry offered us the amazing gift of immersion: that particular experience of being somebody else for a moment in time, of having the power to tell our stories in a variety of ways; the amazing gift of landing in fantasy places and outside time.

    Immersive Theatre creates live experiences for the modern brain and the adventurous soul. Audience is the storyteller and the driver behind the experience.

    We design content for theatrical experiences that allow members of the audience to access the different levels of meaning making through participative storytelling, where the performance change from one representation to another and where the spectacular arises from the spontaneous revelations of collective creativity.

Immersive Theatre is all about creating participative theatre experiences where audience members give up their “observer’’ status to become co-actors and co-creators of the narrative and of the storytelling process. Our audience members are action wise performers who direct the story by taking decisions, choosing from infinite options and negotiating the process.

Audience is the storyteller!
Audience will be inside the space, walking through site-specific installations, choosing what scenes to see, changing and elaborating the text, creating movements and physically responding to actions to create site-responsive theatre. The performance will never be the same.

Combining text, movement, video, objects, sound, lights and visuals, we aim for a ‘total experience’, for ‘transportation performances’ that result in rendering powerful emotions and eye-opening adventures.

Our approach to theatre and performance art is practice-as-research, aiming at exploring diverse means of devising new work as well as establishing dynamic research environments. Our challenge is to activate audiences through immersive theatre practices and to discuss the cultural architecture of interactivity and audience participation.

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