An immersive installation depicting the life of a Communist Romanian soldier who is caught up in a conflict of beliefs
By Alexandra Margarint

Immersive Theatre is proudly supporting Alexandra Margarint’s immersive installation project which would be exhibited between the 20th and the 22nd of June at the Ambika P3 Gallery at the Marylebone Campus of the University of Westminster. To reach its full aestethic potential, the project needs your support. Please see details of the project below and get involved. Also, we would be happy to see you at the exhibition. 

When Jonah turns 20 he is enrolled in the Army. The Romanian Communist Army to be more precise. He spent enough time there to understand that the Communist principles and beliefs were a lot less beneficial for the people than for the leaders. There was no freedom of expression, no access to information and fear and suspicion were the main methods of control. He saw all of this and much more. He knew that was not the way to lead a country. But he was following the orders. He had no choice. Not long after that, the Revolution took place and the time came for Jonah to realise that he did have a choice.

My name is Alexandra Margarint and I will illustrate Jonah’s story through a four room immersive installation. The main inspiration for this project is a 1968 Romanian play entitled “Iona”, written by Marin Sorescu, a well-known Romanian playwright. He presents the story of a man trying to get back to shore after being swallowed by his most dreamed of prey, the big fish. He finally reaches day light, only to discover that the horizon is in fact an endless number of fish bellies.

Much like being swallowed by a whale, our Jonah is engulfed in the Romanian Communist Army and during the 1989 Revolution he is confronted with making a very difficult decision. The visitors will examine his life in the oppressive system after which they will travel through his mind and discover the consequences of such a system on the individual and the society.

The project is in the construction stage and any help would be very much appreciated! If you would like to donate a few pounds you could do so at To track the process of development you can find updates on as well as on my blog at If money’s too tight, it would also be very helpful to spread the word or even lend a hand in the construction of Jonah’s World! The artistic director, April Ibinceanu and I will be building the installation at the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster until the end of April so if you would like to be involved, you could let me know by sending an e-mail to It’s good fun and it will also be a great opportunity to gain some hands-on experience of building an art installation!

Come and get immersed in Jonah’s world between the 20th and the 22nd of June at the Ambika P3 Gallery at the Marylebone Campus of the University of Westminster. The installation will be part of Borderless, the Contemporary Media Practice Final Degree Show and therefore you will be able to also view a lot more exciting artistic projects from my fellow colleagues!