Memodrome:Home performative installation opens the door to a new spectacular experience, guiding the audience into the memories of real beholders of life histories. Five people from the Romanian community living in London will be testifying on their experience of home and migration.

This storytelling display of testimonies allows the audience to participate in the devising of new narratives by acting into tasks and decisions and by sharing their own memories of home.

Intimate and exploratory, with no traditionally written script, the performance invites to personal connection, shared empathy and self-directed interaction with performers. It opens questions of belonging and national identity and speaks of the multileveled concept of owning a place in the world.

The five testifiers of different generations come from various cultural and geographical areas of Romania and possess memories of life during and in the aftermath of communism, of losing and discovering new homes, of searching into their identities.

The two hour performance is followed by an hour of Q&A with the Memodrome:Home team and the audience for the purpose of collecting feedback in regards to the impact of the Memodrome methodology, a practice developed by Anca Doczi during her PhD research within the University of East London.

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Concept and research: Anca Doczi
Production: Cristian Luchian
Performers: Mariana Gordan, Loredana Ivanov, János Nagy, Ana Țurcanu,  Vinicius Leș

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1 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PH

Memodrome:Roots, the last from its series after Memodrome:Incubator and Memodrome:Home, is a performative journey into Romanianess. Continuing the exploration of matters of identity and belonging, we moved from London to Cluj – Romania, from the Romanian diasporic community to its native home, to investigate how people feel about being Romanian, how they feel about their country and if they ever thought of migrating.

As sometimes exile lies in our imagination, the sense of otherness comes to life when our personal memories are not reflected in the conventional stories of our national identity. And when you keep on living in your native country, it is so unlikely that you are asking yourself what is the value of your nationality, what does it mean to you, what does it mean for your personal life.

Produced by Romanian theatre & film company Create.Act.Enjoy, Memodrome:Roots explores the life of six Romanians and their journey from the communist past to present, articulating questions of nationhood thorough personal memories: a very honest and  spontaneous performance of the self. Hosted by Bastionul Croitorilor (Tailors’ Bastion) – the surviving tower of the old Transylvanian citadel, this immersive installation invites the audience to a personal and intimate encounter with memories and thoughts of Romanianess. Audience is enchanted to connect with the real stories of six performers and to share their own experiences of the past.

Performers: Ioana Hanchevici, Călina Langa, Rodica Lupan, Radu Ghiță, Mircea Gui, Cornel Hoza
Documentation, Direction and Production: Diana Buluga, Cristian Pascariu
Concept and research support: Anca Doczi

Many thanks:  Cristian Luchian, Alexandra Felseghi , Raluca Lupan, Alin Barbir, Cristian Manolache, Victor Lup

Memodrome: Home immersive performance installation opens the door of new spectacular experiences, guiding the audience into the life and memories of real people.  Four people and their memories of home and migration will be displayed during a four hours installation at Horniman Museum.

The performance is a storytelling performative display where your participation influences the narrative: you will be able to listen the stories, ask tellers questions, witness and even share your own memories of what home means to you.

Born under the umbrella of Theatre of Testimonies, Memodrome: Home is a performative journey into the real life stories of four Romanian migrants living in London, reflecting on matters of identity and belonging.
Intimate and exploratory, with no written script, the performance invites to personal connection and self-directed interaction with performers.

Concept and research: Anca Doczi
Directing and Production: Cristian Luchian
Performers: Loredana Ivanov, Janos Nagy, Ana Turcanu, Vinicius Les

Memdorome:Home is part of Crossing Borders, an annual celebration of local communities at Horniman Museum.

Crossing Borders celebrates the diversity of our neighbourhood and the people that live in it and call Forest Hill their home. The event happens every year in partnership with local organisations working with local refugees and asylum seekers. Join us for a full day of storytelling, arts and craft activities and immersive theatre performances open to all.   

Horniman Museum




Nothing but a real story told in real time!
Through “Incubator” the audience was immersed into an exceptional situational experience and creatively explored memories of ante 89’ Romania. This highly interactive theatre event, first from the Open Arena series, is emphasising the story of Romanian artist Mariana Gordan and her dramatic encounter with Securitatea in 1979 in Ceausescu`s Romania. For almost two hours, Mariana lead the audience into the labyrinths of her memory testifying about her escape from a 30 years sentence in a Communist jail and about her exile in Britain. Moreover, the audience had the chance to creatively respond to Mariana’s story and to share individual memories.

“Incubator” is where you hear, feel, taste, see, learn, cry, laugh, speak, meet someone new, find impressive stories, drink some wine, kiss your lover, tell your friends about what happen, think about yourself…

An emotional carousel experience designed by Immersive Theatre and co-created by the audience.

Concept: Anca Doczi
Artistic Direction: Cristian Luchian
Special guest: Mariana Gordan
Co – creator: The Audience

Many thanks to the Ratiu Family Foundation and Romanian Cultural Centre in London.

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